With a history almost a century old, the Campus Terre et Nature recognized in the Aude region is made up of two sites Narbonne and Carcassonne, 5 constituent centers (2 high schools, 1 CFA, 1 CFPPA, 1 farm) and a work community of 230 people.
Dynamic, innovative, this establishment aims to support the success and development of each person throughout their academic and professional career, through more than fifty training courses, support systems and activities on the various technical platforms, among others.

International Cooperation : An old dynamic anchored in the Campus

Since the creation of agricultural high schools in 1967, the mission of international cooperation is, in the same way as that of training, therefore important in the education of young people trained whether they are pupils, students, trainees or apprentices. But also all staff who can benefit from it to enhance their professional career.

It takes various forms, for example:

Individual mobility

Young people go abroad as part of their training (BAC pro and techno) for a company internship period ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months.

The destinations favored by learners are European (Spain, Croatia, Ireland) but also international like Chile. Other destinations to come include Sweden, Iceland, Sardinia, Italy and Greece.

, l’Islande, la Sardaigne, l’Italie et la Grèce.

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Collective mobility

They involve groups of high school, CFA or adult classes. They are generally carried out over a period of one week and allow learners to discover the European territory. Trips were organized to Portugal and Spain for example.

cooperation internationale, international cooperation, cooperacione, internationale

Exchanges of practices

They allow professionals and elected officials who wish to discover the Audois territory and the place of the establishment in it.

Thus a German delegation of elected officials from the Saxony region was welcomed in September 2023 in partnership with the Occitanie Region creating opportunities for links and future collaborations in the professional sectors of forestry, tourism, vines for example.

Welcoming foreign interns

As part of the collaboration between European educational establishments, the Campus welcomes young interns in administrative, nursing or teaching services to carry out their internship periods over periods of one month to two months. They benefit from accommodation with host families. Beyond professional training, they experience the riches of the territory as closely as possible (Cathar country, city of Carcassonne, Narbonne regional natural park, rugby culture, etc.).

Welcoming young Europeans in training

the establishment has developed a tradition of welcoming young people for training at high school or in higher education. So this year, young Spanish, English and Polish people are enrolled in the Charlemagne high school courses in second and first grade. A young German is currently in BTSA Nature Management and Protection.

International cooperation : Support for successful mobility

Les programs

EFP Occitanie Consortium

ENSFEA is accredited for the first time as part of the creation of a mobility consortium of 20 agricultural vocational high schools, agricultural general and technological education high schools and apprenticeship training centers in the Occitanie region having expressed their interest in joining this new VET consortium and representing a total of 8,000 learners.

The creation of this EFP consortium, led by ENSFEA, will make it possible to strengthen dynamics between agricultural high schools by strengthening the network of international cooperation referents, by pooling tools and training sessions, and by optimizing exchanges of practices.

The objectives pursued:

  • Promote the employability of young people through their increase in skills by developing European mobility
  • Contribute to the development of skills, professionalization and international openness of staff
  • Promote education for European citizenship
  • Promote the principle of inclusion and diversity
  • Increase the commitment of agricultural technical education to the international opening strategy.
OFAJ Partnership

The Franco-German Youth Office offers individual schemes and assistance to organize collective mobility on which the establishment relies to encourage in particular BTSA Agronomy and Sustainable Crops students to discover German agriculture.

There are also arrangements to welcome young European civic services.

This project is currently in progress.

The team

It is made up of teachers and administrative staff to support the mobility project in all its dimensions.

Each training center has its own referent on which to rely.

Charlemagne High School

Madam Sophie Ricard

Madam Virginie Sillo-Cori

Martin Luther King
High School

Madam Emilie Rodrigues

Madam Hélène Jamot

CFA & Adult training

Madam Christelle Watier

Madam Audrey Serveau

Support stages throughout the year

Anyone in the establishment with a mobility project is supported by these teams through the steps necessary for their success.

On the occasion of the start of the school year, an information meeting for learners in each of the centers is held to explain the dynamics of the establishment in its international cooperation mission. Interested learners contact the “international cooperation” team and begin working upon their departure.

Information to the learners’ families is then offered during the first quarter of the school year in order to provide all the information on funding, administrative deadlines, internship durations and feedback from young people who have already left.

Administrative monitoring of conventions and contacts with internship supervisors is then ensured by the international cooperation team.

Feedback from young people is valued in the form of testimonials about the training time from classmates, but also from future candidates at the start.

The Campus does everything it can to encourage the desire to embark on the adventure but also to reassure candidates and their families.

International cooperation : A valued and rewarding human experience

Events all year round

  • Organization of the foreign languages ​​week where certain countries are highlighted in a fun way (sounds, international meals in the self-service restaurant, culinary workshops in the self-service restaurant, viewing of films in the original version).
  • The Rugby World Cup
  • The Olympic Games
  • Highlighting international news through sporting events (Olympic Games, Rugby World Cup, 6 Nations tournament, Grand Slam tournament, etc.) and consistency with the identity of the establishment.

Diplomas, advanced course, CV, semesterization

As part of their diploma where internships are an integral part of the training, students benefit from their experience abroad.

For example, for students enrolled in the professional baccalaureate, the internship carried out abroad at the end of the 1st year is the one which serves as support for the internship report and its oral defense which constitutes the E6 test.

For students enrolled in the STAV Baccalaureate, the internship carried out abroad may be linked to the question of social living which will be presented during the final oral examination.

These achievements will be entered in the student’s Parcours Sup file.

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